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Frequently Asked Questions/How to use the website

1. How do I get my schedule?
Under Teams, click on Schedule.  Next, make sure that the current season is listed in the Season drop down.  Under League, select your program and pool.  For softball, you need to go under your program name (ex. Junior League Softball) and use "In Pool" to get the correct list of teams for your league under the Team list.  Select your team and you will find the schedule listed on the screen below.

2. Home/Away?
Please review the state/district rules under Handouts.  All games are considered neutral sites and a coin flip determines home/away and dugouts.  The website needs a home team and an away team for purposes of entering the sked. Hence, the designations of home/away on the website sked.

3. How do I get a list of games being played on my field?
Go to the Fields/Facilities link on the left hand navigator.  To the right of the field name is a little clipboard looking icon.  Click that icon and you will see a listing of games at your field.  Another method is go to the Master Schedule on the left hand navigator and click on the date ranges until you see your field listed in the schedule.  To the immediate left of your field name is an icon.  Click that icon to get your full field schedule.  You can also click on your team schedule and then click on the field name.  A drop down will be shown to give you access to your field schedule.

4. Directions to fields?
Using item #1 to get to your team schedule, you can click on the field name and then the first item in that list is to View Facility Information.  You will be shown the full facility entry for that field, complete with a map link and, in some cases, written directions to the field.  You can also get this information by clicking on the + sign to the left of the schedule entry for your team or in the Field/Facilities listing, clicking on the field name.

5. Is my game postponed?
We will use the website home page to convey any messages regarding status of games.  There is a field status area at the top right which will be updated for the fields in use for that day.  If it says Open, the games are on as scheduled.  If it says Closed, the games are postponed.  When games are officially postponed, we will also add a News item to the website as well.

6. What does XPTS mean in my league/division standings?
XPTS = Not used

7. Pool Play tie-breaker (from the LL rule book)
First tie-breaker is head to head.  If more than 2 teams are tied and no head to head sweep by any one team can be used, then go to Defensive Runs Ratio (computed using runs allowed divided by six times number of games played).  All teams are seeded based on that ratio.  As of 2018, we no longer go back to head-to-head after advancing one team.